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Lucca Tour is one of the Turkey’s most highly-regarded, and experienced, full- service destination management company. Assisting clients with every aspect of their events for over 30 years experience.


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Lucca Tour is based in Antalya, on the Turkish Riviera, putting us right at the heart of one of the largest tourism regions worldwide and one which has seen rapid growth over.

All of our staff already have many years of experience working in the tourism service industry; many started out are therefore familiar with the wishes and expectations of the customer.

Learning Development Involvement

Lucca Tour, maintains its competitive advantage in business processes with full involvement of its personnel who believe in continuous learning, development and change in such quality processes. Lucca Tour, which channels its employees’ creativity in order to develop systems, provides continuous quality trainings to them for the effective use of quality tools such as auditing, corrective and preventive activity, suggestion and upgrading teams.

Management with targets

The critical performance indicators are monitored through the Corporate Book.The targets determined by the top management in accordance with Lucca Tour’s vision and strategiesare reduced to personnels goals during this process. As a result, it is provided to all departments employees to create an integrated performance, advancement and synergy parallel to company’s targets.

Customer Relations Management

Listening to guests, understanding their demands and expectations have always been the priority tasks of Lucca Tour. The structuring of a Guest Relations unit, which is composed of experts in the field has been developed, Customer Relations Management has been designed as a process and is being effectively implemented. 24 hour, continuous service in our customers’ native languages is provided to our customers by our Guest Relations units. Our guests can either communicate their written or oral complaints and requests directly to our Guest Relations Units or they can convey their messages to our guides, providing services in their native languages, during their vacations. In order to respond to our guests’ complaints as soon as possible for them to continue their vacation problem-free, our guides are equiped with the necessary knowledge and competence.

Cooperation with the Suppliers

In order to supply a service increasing in quality and satisfying our guests expectations, our suppliers are selected according to our quality standards and their performances are regularly evaluated and monitored. The performance evaluation results are shared and it is aimed to attain a continual increasing service quality with regular on-site auditings. As Lucca Tour, we believe that our partnership, based on mutual benefit, with our suppliers, makes an important contribution for the quality standards improvement in tourism.

Lucca Tour accepts and implements the sustainable tourism principles, as a part of its institutional quality standards.
Conributing to the development of tourism and continuing our activities in this field with the cooperation of related institutions are some of the most important objectives of Lucca Tour. We believe that a sustainable tourism is only possible through people and institutions generating global strategies without forgetting about the local values, while respecting the history and multi-cultural structure of the country.

The sustainable environment, the effective use of natural resources to deliver prosperity and the preservation of cultural heritage became the entire world’s common issues. For this reason, the preservation of natural resources is not considered as a marketing tool. We see it as a field where we can create original and participatory projects and we adopt it as a communication tool to reach the global world.

We are aware of the fact that we can leave a planet, with unexhausted reserves to our children, who represent our future. And this is only possible with the respect of natural resources and the recycling attitude. In long term, the establishment of a natural life will only be possible by respecting the nature and organisms complementing it.

As Lucca Tour, we share the concerns of people carrying for environmental issues. As of 2012, we decided to go one step further and instead of just observing the global issues, we decided to take a part in projects concerning the exhaustion of natural reserves and the protection of living spaces.

We are aware of our responsibility in respect of effective and clean use of consumable resources such as water and energy besides our responsibility for the prevention of the destruction of our planet caused by global warming. The improvement of the quality of the air we breathe by reducing the carbon dioxide emission, the development and enhancement of the natural flora and the correct use of underground and surface resources are the other responsibilities.

So, we would like to announce that, as of 2012, we will adopt effective measures making environmental management an important component of our quality standards and realize them first within our affiliates.

ETC Travel is one of the leading tourism partner operators for providing foreign tourism and tourism services in Macedonia and the region, based in Skopje. We work together to offer quality tourism for Turkey.

AltaVia Travel was founded in 2001 and it is based in Pristina Kosovo, they are one of leading and fast-growing full-service agencies. In Summer 2017 we started work together.

Continuous Development :

The employee training that starts with orientation continues with personal trainings in different areas. This way, major contributions are being made to the personal developments and carriers to the employees.

Team and Organizational Communication :

Periodical and regular information transfer between the employees and their managers is being ensured. A strong communication is being established in all the stages by punctual notifications about the industrial and organizational development.


By enhancing the organizational sharing we help to create sense of belonging in our employees. Our employees satisfaction of their work environments is the base of our guests satisfaction.

Constantly Rising Quality Objective : 

We ensure the primary objective of every employee to be the constant rise of the service quality.

The Privileges in the Human Resources Policy :

Staff planning is being done by considering the possible future needs.

It is ensured that the employees are assigned to tasks that are suitable to their personal knowledge, education and experiences.

By taking employees' suggestions and expectations into account, practises, that will improve the employee commitment, are being applied.

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Hotels, Restaurants booking service.


Car, boat, helicopter and airplane rental service


Private car, bus, plane transfer solutions


Product presentations, adventurous photo safari, high-comfort sailing trip, spectacular helicopter flight or idyllic balloon trip


Daily sightseeing city and historical tours for foreign indiviual traveller(FIT) or group travellers


Team building activities for your special event groups. Parties and anniversary celebrations




Explore the Grecian feel of Marmara. Wander through Urfa’s Middle Eastern architecture. Wherever you choose to travel, a Turkey resort will give your journey an authentic flair.



  • Istanbul (ancient Byzantium) was founded on Seven Hills like Rome.
  • Istanbul was the most crowded city of the world in 1502, than London took this title in 1840.
  • Istanbul is the only city in the world which is both in Europe and Asia geographicaly.
  • Istanbul was the capital city of the Byzantine Empire and than the Ottoman Empire during their rule.
  • Istanbul has the third oldest subway in the world, built in 1875. It’s 573 meters long and located in Tunel neighborhood at Beyoglu district. London subway was built in 1863 and New York subway in 1868
  • Grand Bazaar is the biggest old covered bazaar in the world, with over 4.000 shops
  • Hagia Sophia was the largest church in the world for about 900 years.
  • Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel “Murder on the “Orient Express” at Pera Palas Hotel in Istanbul.
  • Three of the 10 remaining icons of the world and according to the belief of Orthodox, Jesus Christ’s cross which he was crucified are in Hagia Yorghi church.


Cappadocia the site of nature’s wonderful formations, a central Anatolian and world heritage with a history dating back to 3000 B.C This awesome geography where history and nature intertwines has been host to many civilizations throughout the centuries.

The unique volcanic landscape of the region took shape as a result of the erosion of the volcanic layers which spread through the area with the eruption of Erciyes, Hasandag and Güllüdag mountains about 60 million years ago. Cappadocia, which means “land of beautiful horses,”in Persian language, has been the hub of many civilizations and a gigantic shelter and center for Christians who fled from the Roman Empire during the Hittite period and hid in the houses and churches carved inside of rocks.

With the formation of fairy chimneys in time, the local communities carved houses and churches into these rocks and made frescoes inside of these structures connecting the past with the present. A district of Nevşehir and one of the key points of the Silk Road, Cappadocia is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. If you are ready to go on a journey to dreamland, Cappadocia is waiting to introduce you to all of its mysteries!



Nemrut a magnificent historical site located on the eastern Taurus mountain range and the 8th Wonder of the World bearing the most valuable monuments of the Kingdom of Commagene.

Situated on the Arsameia antique road, Nemrut, 2206 meters in height, looms over the whole territory encompassing the Firat river crossing and plains. The statues of Greek and Persian gods made in 62 BC upon the order of the Commagene King Antiochus and the king’s own tomb and temple are still preserved in the present day. The tumulus and sanctuary include also stone carvings of gods. The eagle head is one of the the most well-known and intriguing carvings.

UNESCO has inscribed Mount Nemrut on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987 and called the site the 8th Wonder of the World. Offering a rich cultural heritage and an excellent landscape, unforgettable memories are awaiting you at Nemrut!



Hasankeyf is an ancient town and district located along the Tigris River in the Batman Province in southeastern Turkey. It has been settled for perhaps as long as three millennia, though most cliff dwellings are around 2,000 years old. It was perhaps inhabited first by Assyrians and/or Urartians, and then most certainly by successive Roman, Byzantine, Turkic, and Arabic dynasties.

Hasankeyf is an ancient city, and has been identified with the Ilanṣura of the Mari Tablet (c. 1800 BC). The Romans had built the Cephe fortress on the site and the city became the Kiphas fortress and a bishopric under the Byzantine Empire. It was conquered by the Arabs, in ca. 640, renamed Hisn Kayf. In the 12th century, the city was successively captured by the Artukids as their capital. During this period, Hasankeyf's golden age, the Artukids and Ayyubids built the Old Tigris Bridge, the Small Palace and the Great Palace. The infrastructure, location and significance of the city helped increase trade and made Hasankeyf a staging post on the Silk Road. The Ayyubids (descendants of Saladin) captured the city in 1232 and built the mosques that made Hasankeyf an important Islamic center.



Zeugma this magnificent ancient city, the name of which means “gate,” was founded in 300 BCon the Seven Hills by Seleucus, one of the generals of Alexander the Great. Located 10 km away from Nizip a district of Gaziantep province.

Zeugma is comprised of two ancient cities connected to each other through a bridge adjoining the two cities. Formerly named “Euphrates Selevkaya”, the city became known by the name “Zeugma” after entering the patronage of the Roman Empire.

Zeugma was an important trade center of the region located on the historical Silk Road, which used to be the most crucial trade route stretching from Antakya to China in the ancient times. Recognized for its Roman mosaics throughout the world and visited with curiosity by a great number of tourists.



Pamukkale shaped by the hand of nature and extant since the ancient times, Pamukkale is one of the world's most outstanding legacies.

Located in the province of Denizli this natural wonder is comprised of terraces and travertine formed by hot springs and streams depositing carbonate minerals. Pamukkale has gained eminence for its waters believed to have curative powers and been used as a thermal bath since centuries. Noted for its extraordinary characteristics, the ancient site has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988.

Located near to Pamukkale, Hierapolis was established in 200 BC by Eumenes II in dedication to the Amazon Queen Hiera, wife of Telephos the founder of Pergamum. Moreover, Hierapolis is an ancient cite that attracts worldwide attention for its majestic buildings and monuments.

The ancient city of Hierapolis has lost its Hellenistic façade as a result of a series of earthquakes and gained a new facade reflecting the influences of Roman architecture during the reconstruction period.

Among the major cities of the Byzantine period, Pamukkale became a crucial site to Christianity after one of the apostles of Jesus; St Phillip was murdered in this city.



Kuşadasi founded by the Ionians and formerly known by the name Neopolis, Kuşadası has been the cradle of culture and art throughout centuries.
Although the exact time of foundation of this antique city is unknown it is for sure that this pearl of the gulf was established by the Ionians under the rule of Ephesus. Engaged in trade and maritime, the Ionians provided a major contribution to the enrichment and development of the region.
Home to many civilizations, the first settlement in Kuşadası was situated by Yılancı Burnu (Cape of Ophiuchus). One of the major seaports of the ancient times connecting Anatolia to the seas, Kusadasi is also fairly rich in cultural and historical heritage.
The long and narrow streets populated with gorgeous adjacent houses illustrate the quaint architecture of the city.
Apart from its scenic beauties Kusadasi harbors a variety of restaurants offering specialties unique to the Aegean region. Offering a clear blue sea, beautiful beaches and many natural and historical beauties Kusadasi continues to be a major holiday destination for all vacationers looking for a perfect holiday.



Marmaris a splendid holiday resort with a history dating back to 12 thousand BC, surrounded by a lush green forests of pine trees and the deep blue sea stretching in front of it, Marmaris bedazzles its visitors also with its splendid marina.

Thanks to the excavation works conducted in the region it is possible to follow the traces of a variety of civilizations that have settled and ruled the area since the ancient times.



Bodrum ’’the land of eternal blue’’, a stunning town both for its spectacular nature and variety of ruins with a history estimated to go back to the year 1000 BC.

Bodrum is one of the magnificent bays of Muğla and among the most beautiful areas of the Aegean region. It offers different beauties to its visitors in every season.

Known as Halicarnassus in the ancient times, Bodrum has many ancient relics and sites left behind by the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. The year 353 BC was the most significant era in the history of the town when it was capital of the Caria region. Nevertheless, Bodrum still maintains its significance in the present day.

Bodrum is shrouded in a dreamlike atmosphere with its castle located at the junction of the eastern and western ports, the cupolas and narrow streets and its famous white Bodrum houses lined up along the beautiful shore.

The holiday resort offers a wide range of natural sceneries such as a magnificent coast and beautiful bays where one can take refuge and enjoy the beauties of nature.

Offering a variety of luxurious resorts and boutique hotels by the turquoise sea, Bodrum is a haven for visitors fond of history and entertainment all the year round.



Çeşme the sunshine of the Aegean Sea, an ancient southern town that has preserved its natural beauty as on its first day.

Named originally Cyssus in the ancient time, the name of the location was eventually changed to Çeşme due to the cold and delicious water resources in the region. Building fountains at the onset of springs became a tradition within time and made Çeşme a site of attraction for its fountains.

The peninsula extending into the Aegean Sea, offers a spectacular view of the sea and the mountains rising behind of it. Hot and dry during the summer while mild and rainy during the winter, Çeşme will introduce you to a typical Mediterranean climate.

Çeşme promising an unforgettable vacation under the sun, will impress visitors with its multicultural heritage, unique beaches and coasts, variety of water sports, and delicious Aegean cuisine.



Kaş is a lovely, pleasant holiday town, is admired by its visitors, for its historical touch and natural beauties. Being one of the Lycia Period cities, Kaş offers a different holiday, with its underwater life and special structure.

Located to the west of Antalya, Kaş is 192 km from Antalya and 106 km from Fethiye. Kaş has been built on the antique city of Antiphellos. Kaş which is a wonder of nature is fascinating with its antique cities as well.

As Kaş has been built on rocky sail, there is no sand in the center of Kaş. You can swim from terraces formed on the rocks and you can see the sea is always clean. To swim amd discover the beauties around Kaş and Kekova İsland, you can participate in boat trips. Kaş is the region most frequented by European divers. İt has about 30 diving points and is one of the world's prominant diving areas, has a rich underwater liveliness and fauna.

One of the main activities in Kaş tourism is to visit the numerous sites belonging to the Lycian civilization, in kaş and its close surroundings. Daily tours covering the Lycian cities of Kekova, Xhantos, Letoon. Sdyma. Pınara. Myra, Lmyra, Patara, Arykanda, Tlos, and Apollania will offer you an exceptional journey.



Kemer one of crucial harbors and trading posts of history with a past dating back to 690 BC and a thriving legacy in the bosom of nature at its best. Kemer will mesmerize you not only with its amazing nature and ancient monuments and artifacts but also with its options of entertaining activities.

Numerous harbors and bays adorn the natural beach stretching along the coast from Beldibi to Tekirova. Furthermore, Kemer is home to many ancient sites and monuments which bear the traces of history such as the ancient city of Olympos, Adrasan and the Three Islands.

The venue of many international festivals and events, Kemer offers a wide range of activities that will make your holiday worthwhile. Kemer is waiting for its visitors to witness the most beautiful combination of the sea, sun and sand amidst an historical environment.



Antalya is a city in southern Turkey. The city is in the Mediterranean Region and along the coast of Mediterranean Sea. 2.158.265 people live there. Antalya is the most important tourism destination in Turkey and one of the best in Mediterranean. The city created a good image and its name started to be known to tourists. Every year mostly British, Russian, and German tourists come to city for beautiful beaches and the ancient destinations.


Manavgat / Side

Side one of the most amazing corners of Antalya the shining star of the Mediterranean and among the most crucial port cities of antiquity, Side is an irresistible holiday resort.

Side became a major center of culture, science and trade during the Roman period and continued to remain the center of successive civilizations throughout history. With the immigration of Cretans, Side eventually came under the influence of the culture of Crete that manifested itself strongly in the architecture, culture, village houses and local cuisine of the region.

Blessed with numerous natural wonders and a rich cultural and historical heritage, Side welcomes its guests any time of the year and deserving its place among unforgettable memories.



Alanya one of nature’s most generous regions located by in front of the Toros mountains by the Mediterranean Sea and the hub of many civilizations throughout the centuries. Located on a peninsula reaching into the in the Mediterranean Sea, the holiday resort is a typical southern town with stunning nature and ancient history.

The town was one of the major centers of the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires and had served as an important fortress. The Red Tower and Alanya castle, recognized as symbols of the town were built in the Seljukian period to protect the growing importance of the region.

Apart from its numerous large hotels and resorts, the sunny town makes also a strong impression with its boutique hotels. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate of the region one can taste many natural products and tropical fruits such as avocados and bananas. The focal point of so many civilizations for ages, Alanya is a popular tourist attraction offering natural and historical beauties.


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